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Welcome to Asset Horticultural Consultants

At Asset Horticultural Consultants we pride ourselves on our superior service and expert technical advice. We have over 30 years experience in the Horticultural industry, specialising in amenity horticulture. We are based in Brisbane, Australia and mainly service the South-East Queensland Region.

In conjunction with our Professional Partners we offer a broad range of truly independent services and advice including project management, soil, plant and water analysis, pest management, arboriculture, plant selection, quality assurance, supervision of maintenance schedules and specification preparation. We offer you fully independent advice resulting in cost effective outcomes for your projects.

Our extensive industry knowledge puts us at an advantage over other consultancy services giving you superior results and peace of mind.

Company Profile

Asset Horticulture was founded in 2000 by our Principal Russ Higginbotham who recognised a need in the industry for a multifaceted consultancy service. With a background in Agronomy and Horticulture and over 20 years industry experience Russ' skills were first highlighted in the design and management of the Epiphyte Forest with Harlequin Nurseries for Expo 88.

The long term association of our Professional Partners has resulted in the landscape

excellence of projects such as: Expo 90 Osaka Japan, World Expo 88, Roma Street Parklands, Mackay Regional Botanic Gardens, South Bank, Surfers Paradise Esplanade and a range of other public open space projects and developments. Roma Street Gardens

With soft landscape becoming an increasingly integral part of today's urban and shared environments it is the most visible and important component of any landscape project. With our proven track record in amenity horticulture and landscape design and maintenance our consultants bring a level of expertise and experience that cannot be readily matched by other landscape professionals.

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